Internship Goals | #1

Blog 1: Goals

Dr. Randall S. Hansen advises, in his article “Making the Most of Your Internship,” to set goals for yourself. I thought of two goals going into my internship. I hope to accomplish increasing News America Marketing brand awareness and I hope to gain more confidence. First of all, I want to add followers to the News America Marketing LinkedIn page so that more people will become aware of what News America Marketing does on a day to day basis. That will hopefully increase the number of clients News America Marketing has. As of now, most people I tell that I am interning at News America Marketing to do not actually know that the company is or does. After observing the LinkedIn page viewers will have a better sense of the company’s goals and spread the word.

Secondly, confidence is something I lack when it comes to professionals because the professionals have had so much more experience working in the field than I have. They have a better understanding of what hands-on marketing experience means. They have all graduated from their undergraduate universities and some have received graduate degrees. Since they are more accomplished, I feel reluctant to share my opinion because I have two years left of my undergraduate studies alone. However, I need to voice my opinion because they want to hear my ideas. The more confident I am, the more networking I will do and the more questions I will ask, which will help me properly complete assignments. Therefore, my goals are to strengthen the LinkedIn views for News America Marketing and to become more confident in myself through this internship.

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