Taking a Break | #3


Having a day off is always a welcomed change of pace. Everyone needs the time to rest and recharge in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. At Moriumius we usually work 12+ hours when there are guests staying the entire day. Sometimes we get half days because there are no afternoon guests (these are my favorite days). And then of course we are given full days off so that we don’t get overworked. Despite the fact that days off means no work, these are not my favorite days. I’ve come across a couple of issues with days off:

wrong bus = cat friend
  • It may mean that you’re the only person at the house which gets lonely after awhile especially because everyone else will be at work late into the night
  • The guys’ house is too far away to walk so even if the male interns have the same day off it’s not always possible to hang out together
  • Even though there’s wifi, there’s no cell service in the house (I sent my dad a text for his birthday so hopefully it’ll send when it’s still his actual birthday)
  • Navigating the time difference between Japan and Michigan can be tricky sometimes
  • Without a car you’re stuck at the house because we’re in such a rural location with not much to do nearby
  • The bus is difficult to navigate (I’ve gotten on the wrong one before and a coworker had to come pick me up from where it left me i.e. the middle of nowhere)
  • There’s not a lot of food in the house because we usually eat at work so when you’re home all day it’s either cup noodles from the snack stash or freezer rice

Days off do have benefits of course; I’ve started my new book, caught up on my shows, and spent time trying to learn Japanese (something that is proving to be very difficult for me). I’ve also had the opportunity to take walks around the area and see neighboring villages. On my most recent day off, another intern, Kai, and I went down to the harbor and watched the sky fade to pink over the amazingly-blue ocean water as the sun set behind the houses of Kazaka, the village we call home. Although I’m still adjusting to the differences that a day off here brings, I am grateful for the moments like this that are only possible when I’m not at work. (And sleeping in isn’t so bad either)

Beyond the harbor in Kazaka

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  • June 6, 2017 at 4:12 pm

    Julianna, that sounds like a pretty drastic change in pace. It’s great to get a chance to relax, but sometimes it’s hard to know what to do after so much structured time! Kazaka looks beautiful, and perhaps you can use the wifi to message your dad via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger for his birthday (or video call if the times line up). 🙂


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