What have I found??

My Mentor asked me to make a presentation about the information that I have gathered over the past eight weeks of research. Compiling my findings of three distinct but very similar diagnostic techniques into a presentation gave me a great sense of accomplishment and pride. This research can be very tedious and time-consuming at times but it has been so rewarding. Thus far I have learned so much about plasma diagnostics techniques such as Laser-induced fluorescence (LIF), Computerized vector tomography, and tunneling magnetoresistive (TMR) Sensors. LIF measures ion velocity distribution in Hall thrusters, Computerized vector tomography is used to reconstruct images of velocity vector fields and TMR sensors are used to measure the induced magnetic field, which is then used to calculate the current density distribution. This may sound like a lot of gibberish but these techniques are all groundbreaking in their own right. However, the most interesting thig about this research is that there are still so MANY properties of this plasma that still we as scientists still can not measure or predict. And I think that that is where I come in 🙂 I want to one day design my own diagnostic tool or technique.

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