#2 Work Culture

+) For me, the important work culture is a workplace that offers challenging and meaningful work, always encourages innovation and growth and help me to reach excellence by providing opportunities to learn.

Before I started the internship, I had a no clue about Amazon’s workplace culture. But the first and second week of the internship involved training, and it explained why Amazon remains as one of the fastest growing companies. First of all, they invest in training and development. They provide the interns the boot camp events to help them adapt to the internal tools and to the company culture. I attended several events on the first and second week to learn how to utilize the company resources, and there were also social events e.g. game-day and movie night for interns to get to know each other and to have fun, which was great. Secondly, they offer challenging and meaningful work. I am assigned to develop something that will be used by AWS users right away when I finish. At first, I was worried about being assigned a project that will have a direct impact on AWS users, but as I work on it, I have more responsibility, and thus my work feels more meaningful. The last workplace culture at Amazon I like is they involve and empower the employees. Amazon provides lots of education events for the developers. They hold a variety of employee education events to give them opportunities to make a meaningful difference at work and they are available to watch at any time in an Amazon’s internal website. For example, I watched videos about how to write an effective code and how to write a good test case, and about test-driven development that is good to consider when starting a project. All the videos were very helpful and meaningful. I am still adapting to Amazon’s culture, but I am very impressed with their efforts to positively impact their organizations and employees.

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