An Amazing First Weekend, and the Start of Work | #1

Wow! The atmosphere here in Cardiff was electric! This relatively small city was pegged as the host of the biggest annual football (soccer) match in the world — the UEFA Champions League Final. Arguably the two best teams in professional football, Real Madrid and Juventus, battled it out for the right to be champions of Europe.

I had the luck of seeing fans of each team flood the streets. Chants were loud, restaurants packed, and excitement was building for the big game. I watched in a pub jam packed with Juventus fans, and the tension (and pride) was palpable. A booming chant for the starting lineup began the festivities, as my friend and I found a perfect spot with a view of the big screen.

A wave of visitors fill up this main street before the game


Although the team I was supporting – Juventus – fell short by a score of 4-1, I will never forget watching that game in Cardiff. Sure beats how I watched last year’s final – sitting on my couch alone in the middle of the afternoon!

Juventus fans fill the pub


After a wild weekend, it was time for my first day at work. I will be working on the digital team within Admiral Insurance’s larger recruitment group, researching candidates and analyzing social media efforts to optimize how roles are filled. I am hoping to learn the hard and soft skills necessary to contribute to a big business, and develop my ability to create strong professional relationships with my co-workers. Day one was a success, and I look forward to getting acquainted at work in the coming days!

2 thoughts on “An Amazing First Weekend, and the Start of Work | #1

  • June 6, 2017 at 3:26 pm

    Wow Jared, it sounds like your time abroad is off to a great start! How did the football atmosphere compare to a gameday here? When I was in Europe a few years ago during the World Cup, I absolutely loved how the whole city spilled out into the streets to watch the game on giant screens into the night. It felt like a shared experience for everyone there, which was something amazing to partake in.

    • June 7, 2017 at 9:55 pm

      Hi Jenny! I would say there was even more excitement than a game day, just considering the immense importance of the match. However, it was a similar festive atmosphere. Unfortunately, because of safety concerns, they did not have an outdoor screening. However, I certainly felt a sense of community during the game because I was surrounded by a majority of fans from Italy.


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