First week of Internship | #1

This is my first week at Zoro US e-commerce team as a UX/UI Design Intern. Zoro is a subsidy of the noted business supply giant, Grainger, located in the greater Chicago area. Zoro does very similar business to Grainger while targeting individual customers and small businesses.

The e-commerce team comprises of many sub-sectors and the one I am working with is the team. We focus on polishing the forefront as well as the primary channel we do our businesses. This is a fairly new team established 5 years ago by my internship supervisor as well as the design lead of the company. The team currently has 3 designers who I will be working closely for the upcoming 11 weeks.

After several meetings with my internship supervisor as well as executive, engineering, marketing and customer service team, I have established my internship objectives as follows:

  • Heuristically evaluate the e-Commerce forefront product, and document design inconsistencies and style flaw according to the internal web style guide
    ● Assisted design lead on establishment and revision of style guide and collaborated with developers, marketers, and UX architects to redesign the web experience
    ● Conduct A/B tests and usability evaluation on website design, gather traffic data from Google Analytics and make design decisions based on user behavioral response

The objectives are subject to modification as the internship proceeds. However, I will work closely with my internship supervisor as well as stakeholders of my tasks to make sure of the well accomplishment of assigned tasks.

One thought on “First week of Internship | #1

  • June 5, 2017 at 5:43 pm

    It sounds like you have a busy summer ahead of you, Hanshen. Best of luck with the start of your internship!


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