Global Talents | #3

Buzzvil has 4 offices including New York, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, and members from the United States, Ethiopia, France, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc. As a global startup, Buzzvil has already run its service in over 22 countries in Europe, American regions, and South East Asia, and the reason why Buzzvil is continuing to recruit members from various foreign nations is to expand its presence in the global market.

One of the biggest privileges to work at Buzzvil is to work with people from all over the world. Sometimes, diversity can bring chaos and confusion. However, at Buzzvil, we embrace diversity and challenge to accept new ideas. For example, the company has a total of 4 designers from France, New York, Taiwan, and Korea. Because each member’s taste and knowledge vary upon their cultural and educational background, the design products that they create seem foreign but unique and innovative.

In addition, one of my closest colleges is a designer from New York City. He would share many interesting design insights that he had seen while in New York. I would share some of my interesting stories while I was in college as well. Despite different background, the fact that we are working in a global environment makes the company vision a bigger market and become the largest in the world.

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