I am interning at the American Diabetes Association doing marketing and event planning this summer. I have 3 main goals. I realized throughout this school year that I want to do something active in my career and see the results of my actions. Marketing and event planning seems to encapsulate those needs, however I am unsure if that is exactly what I want to do. One of my goals is to learn more about what area of the organization is best suited for my interests and skill sets. I know I want to work with people but that could go in many directions. I also am so excited to be at a non profit this summer. I have always been involved in philanthropy and I think its amazing that I will be able to work with such an amazing organization for the summer. Another goal is to understand better how non-profits function. As a student we often deal with the nonprofits from the fundraising side of things, however there is a whole business that goes with the organization. I find this intriguing and am excited to learn more. Lastly, I want to develop professional relationships with the people in my office. This is incredibly important as I will always need references and people to go to for professional advice.


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