Grateful and Hopeful l #1

By the end of my internship, I’d like to have made a favorable impression on my Supervisors and colleagues. My top priority is making a lasting impression at the company I am interning for, as I feel interns are often forgotten about once their internship concludes. I can accomplish this first goal by not only completing the tasks given to me, but maintaining a positive attitude and striking up conversations wherever I can (without overstepping of course). Hollywood is a very tight knit community where everyone is interconnected. I’d like for the people I work with to remember me fondly after this experience, as you never know where future opportunities may arise. My second goal is to make at least one long-term connection, or mentor. Meeting new people is fruitless if you don’t maintain a relationship after the fact. I hope that I will have made at least one genuine ally that I can stay in touch with in the future and work to preserve it throughout the following year. Both of my goals pair nicely, for professionalism and positivity translate to likability. The tasks given to me will likely continue to me menial work that any intern could carry out; what will make me stand out will be my positive demeanor and eagerness to learn.

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