My Personality Traits in this Internship | #3

Right off the bat, one of my main interests is sports. If I’m not playing them, I’m usually watching them or talking about them. Working at an NFL team’s home stadium has surrounded me with an office full of people who share the same love of sports. This has made the transition into this office very easy and I feel I’m surrounded by a great group of people. I’m a teenage male and I am the youngest employee in the office, but am mostly surrounded by other men, with about 25% of the workforce being women. As I navigate my internship I am starting to see my personality as a whole in a different light. While I’ve stated previously that there is a very relaxed environment in the office, there are times in which you really have to work. Sometimes I have trouble taking things completely seriously and throughout the course of my internship this is something I want to work on. At my next internship/job there may not be such a friendly atmosphere so I should start  preparing for that unfortunate scenario while I am in a place that I truly enjoy. As this summer progresses I will manage this flaw and become the hardest working intern at MetLife Stadium.

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