Ottawa #4

We are now into the last week of the internship program. We just had our last potluck of the trip. I brought pizza and everyone else brought other delicious items. Very happy another member in the group organized this.

Yesterday, we saw the Canadian National War Museum. This was the best museum I’ve seen this entire trip. It was very different than the war museums I’ve seen in the United States. It didn’t romanticize war in the same way that those in  the United States do. In every exhibit, they would barely mention whether or not the battle or war was a victory. It mainly focused on the loss of life that occurred and the fact that war should be the last option in all situations. It also showed the awful things the Canadian government did during war, such as put Japanese-Canadians in internment camps and kick them out of the country. It truly was an eye-opening experience.

During the work week, I got the opportunity to interview my Member of Parliament. I am grateful she offered me her time so that I could get to know her better and learn more about what she believes is important to the citizens of her riding and Canada.

Looking forward to seeing what this last week of the internship brings me!

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  • June 8, 2017 at 6:52 pm

    That’s such an interesting new fact about the War Museum — I wonder if there would be any change in American society if our museums did the same thing. Also, kudos for taking initiative to interview your MP!


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