The Gift Rural Japan Gave Me | #4

Suffering. That is the gift I have received. And in all seriousness it is a wonderful gift. It gives such a perspective on life and a space for growth so much more than simply facing a challenge. Suffering is what has brought me so much joy here as well. I have survived every single day of this trip so far, some happy with ease, and some demeaned with filth and struggle. I have- I believe- been able to harness what the bad days have taught me at this point in my trip. My life has sufficiently slowed down at work with our number of clients calming down into my coming departure. I am now learning the true value of what suffering can do for character.

Suffering is a gift I never received enough of- and was never ready to receive until recently. But it has brought me such a powerful realization of my own potential to do anything I set my mind to. I am in Japan. I started studying Japanese nine months ago. I never worked a day in my life like the way I work now. But I’m here, speaking Japanese every day, every day working.

I counted out my remaining time here. Now that today is ending, I only have seven days of work left, and two weeks left in Japan before I go home. And how excited I am to get out of here. Suffering has made me grow in ways I can’t even describe well as of now, but it is tiring. I will have a reprieve before my final departure luckily. Only three more days til the weekend, til I escape from this village.

One thought on “The Gift Rural Japan Gave Me | #4

  • June 8, 2017 at 7:03 pm

    It’s really commendable how self-aware you’ve become. I’m glad you’ve grown and learned so much through this internship, although I wish it was a more positive experience. I hope you have a safe trip home!


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