The Physical Work Environment- Blog #2

Now that I have been working at Pregenzer Baysinger Wideman & Sale for an extended amount of time, I can confidently say that I have mostly adjusted to the workplace and have settled in comfortably.  The physical work environment is honestly pretty stale, and does not offer a whole lot of excitement.  It is on the fourth floor of a decent- sized office building.  There are a few open areas, bust mostly cubicle space for anyone who isn’t a practicing lawyer or a receptionist (every lawyer has their own).  I would say that this office style is indicative of the work process that goes on there.  It is very busy and it is a hard working environment that is mostly all work and no play.  I wouldn’t say that it resonates with a boring jail cell though, perhaps because everyone in the office is so polite and willing to help out in any way they can.  The environment, as a whole, does not necessarily reflect my ideal place to work.  I say this because I like open spaces and being outside, and I know as a lawyer a great deal of your time is spent inside, but there are ways to spice things up a bit and I feel that I would need more of that in the office space.  I have adopted the established work style basically by learning to work and act as my employers do.  They taught me what to do and how to do it, so I basically just keep that up for the most part.  I do not know exactly what I plan on doing for a career but this is giving me a great taste of this career path.  Although this is not the exact environment that I hope to work in, I am still very much intrigued in this career possibility.

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