The Value of Being a Millennial | #3

My internship was actually an opportunity made possible by the Cleveland Hillel internship program. 40 others and I were accepted into the program out of 100 other applicants. However, this was only the first part. I then applied to 5 internships, which I choose out of a pool of companies that are collaborating with the program. Then, if I was qualified, the company interviewed me, and if the interview went well, I was hired. Not every company hires from the Hillel applicant, and not every applicant got an interview.

The point of the program is to persuade us to stay and work in Cleveland once we graduate and to introduce us to the Jewish life in Cleveland. So while living in Cleveland is big part of the internship, being Jewish is as well.

The photo is of my mom and I attending the first meeting for the program.

Through the internship program, I am attending seminars and speeches that relate situations in the workplace to lessons taught in the Torah, as well as learning useful skills for the workplace and in my career. This identity is not reflected upon much between coworkers in the workplace; however, I share this identity with the other students in the program who are navigating through their internships just like me. I enjoy the lessons taught in the program because they are shedding light to topics and how Jewish identities interact in the workplace: such as kindness, cooperation, and working under the supervision of others.

The individual identities in the workplace are very interesting to me. I realize that in high school and college, I’ve stuck around very similar people, with the same interests and opinions as myself (including my job at U of M). However, at my internship, I am part of a workplace that includes people who have a variety of interests. As I talked about in my last post, my boss is into rock music, recognizing bands on the radio, and passing on this knowledge and diverse music tastes to his children, and the “millennial’ interns. I am really into theater, singing, and music. So, it is interesting to expand my perspective on music genres, and playing with some music that I like as well.

With all of this in mind, I see my identity as a millennial in a different light. I have heard over and over again, all the negatives of being a millennial from others. But I see my age as being a benefit. I get to have my own abilities and habits, while taking in to consideration of those from the generations before me. Not only am I learning the name of rock bands, but I’m observing the thought processes and techniques of advertising from those who not only have the expertise, but have done advertising before the boom of the internet and now.





I am a Communications student at the University of Michigan. I love singing, graphic design, and anything creative.

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