Work Culture As I See It l #2

I see work culture as a company’s unspoken atmosphere, which includes its employees’ attitudes towards their jobs, how the company’s reputation and brand manifests in the office, conduct policies such as dress code (mandated or unspoken), professionalism (both for individual employees themselves and as representatives of the company they work for), and customs. To BBC Worldwide, my employer, work culture means a sense of community while giving each employee independence to do their best work. In considering my ideal work culture, carrying myself for the job I want rather than the internship I have is important to my growth as a professional. For example, this entails dressing and acting the part of someone with the job I hope to have one day. The physical workplace is a direct representation of BBC Worldwide’s philosophies. The office has an open-air design, meaning no separate offices, that foster a sense of community between departments and employees regardless of their job titles. Everyone works next to one another, which certainly has its pluses and minuses. Employees dress comfortably but suitable for the work environment, something that I admire. Also, there are two huge calendars that chronicle birthdays and significant events in employees’ lives which adds a cheeriness to the air. My ideal work culture is mostly similar to that of BBC Worldwide’s. I’ve had to adopt to this work style by making sure I speak clearly but quietly when answering phone calls so that I don’t annoy and distract those around me. I’ve also had to adapt to the fact that constant noise makes reading scripts difficult. This is certainly the type of environment in which I hope to start my career.

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