#1 Setting Goals For My Internship With Michigan Football

In starting my internship with the University of Michigan football team I would like to set goals for myself. As Dr. Randall S. Hansen’s article states one of the most important keys to being successful and making the most of your internship is by setting personal goals. There are a number of goals that I would like to set however I am going to discuss two of those in this post.

The first goal that I would like to set is with regard to what I hope to accomplish working with the team over the summer. I would say that this would have to be establishing solid, stable, professional relationships with both my supervisor as well as other individuals in the building. This would go hand in hand with networking. I think that this is crucial so that after my time in this internship is over I can contact those that I worked with for advice, guidance, and future career opportunities and recommendations.

As far as what I hope to gain from this internship, my goal would be to learn as much as I possibly can from every aspect of my time. Whether it be a good day or a bad day, if I am planning a high school football camp or stuffing envelopes with recruiting mail I hope to take away something from every single day that will teach me about the world of college football and the ins and outs of the industry. This would be in order to better prepare me for any potential jobs that I wish to have in the future.

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