#1 Setting Personal Goals for My Summer Intern

As I am going to start my summer intern at M Financial Group this week, I believe it is important to become well-prepared before I get started. As Dr. Randall S. Hansen furnishes us with several important advice that will shed a different light on our performances, I would like to talk about setting my personal goals in this blog. Specifically, I would mention two of them.

The first goal is to improve my knowledge in SQL as well as my ability to cope with data using it. As an actuary, there is no doubt that SQL is one of the tools we use to extract data and build models. Getting involved in a project that specially focuses on SQL will greatly improve my master of it as well as help my future career.

The second goal is to build social connections with not only my supervisor and other colleagues in the department but also others outside our department. It is such a great opportunity for me to work with these smart and amazing professionals, so I believe this will be an invaluable chance to learn from them and improve myself.

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