Beginning of trip

Being an international studies major, I knew I wanted to travel internationally over the summer. While I was searching online through the international internship options on the Opportunity Hub’s website, the Canadian Parliamentary internship caught my gaze. This internship consists of a five-week program spent in Ottawa, assisting in the office of a member of Parliament along with trips to Montreal, the USA embassy, and various cultural visits around the city. Not only did the dates fit perfectly with my summer schedule but also I had never been to Ottawa and saw it as a new adventure. Having always been interested in governmental affairs, I thought it would be interesting to see how another government functions, especially one so connected with the United States. I was looking forward to not only experiencing life in another country but also seeing how it would shift my perceptions of the US. I hoped to gain valuable experience working in a government office and knowledge of the Canadian governmental system. I also expected to improve upon my organization, oral and written communication, and leadership skills. I hoped that this internship would give me a foundation that I may expand upon later and a different perspective on politics.

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