Blog 3- My identity

I have always been the biggest people-person; very gregarious and jovial in any social situation. However, what I have discovered from my internship is that the career I am going to pursue requires a lot of individual time spent researching the problem at hand and making sure that the procedure you as an attorney are going to pursue is what is right for your clients’ needs. The first couple weeks it took me a while to adjust to the individual nature of the career, but I am beginning to like the flexibility of being able to work and research at your own pace.

Another aspect about my identity that I have discovered is that when I have gotten to interact with clients, my compassionate side is coming out. For a lot of clients, the matters they are bringing to the probate court are very personal, and trying on the family, and the decision the judge makes determines how they will legally be able to continue to live. For the longest time I pursued a career path in medicine because I felt that that was the only way to truly make a difference and help people. However, within the first couple weeks here I have seen that as an attorney you are so much more for your client. You are their first line of defense when it comes to emotional family matters.

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