Bugs, Bugs, Everywhere | 2

My second week after getting a better understanding on how the code structure worked. I noticed that I was fixing bugs left and right which was fun and difficult. One day I spent the entire day on one single bug and I felt defeated since I thought I could of finished it by that day. I was at first worried that I might of not been able to keep up to the startup world but my boss said it takes time to learn the code structure and to not worry so much. I was happy he told me that since I was so worried that I wouldn’t that I’m learning at a slow pace.

The following day I looked at my desk and looked it. It was a mess so I had to clean it and I’m glad I did it and made sure that it is ready for developing. It’s always sunny in there and apparently there are many venture capitalist that share our space so I thought I should at least clear my desk. This was an important to do and I also learned our companies values and I can recite them which is pretty cool! I can’t wait for next week and to see what happens.



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