End of internship

Over the course of my internship I have had to opportunity to work on various tasks and projects. In addition to administrative tasks and constituency replies, I have helped with affairs pertaining to the Committee on International Trade. This committee serves to assess trade concerns with Canada and foreign nations. Currently, with the urgency of the renegotiation of NAFTA I have been sitting in on meetings, taking notes, and composing questions for various witnesses with expertise on the impacts of the trade deal.

I loved the opportunity, however, to interview the Member of Parliament whom I have been interning for. MP Sukh Dhaliwal of the Surrey–Newton district, in close proximity to Vancouver, has been involved in the Canadian government for a number of years in various roles. A member of the Liberal Party, he focuses on affairs in his riding pertaining to immigration and trade policy and the concerns of the large middle class and predominantly younger population. Being an immigrant from India, he has adopted Canada as his home and seeks to promote its vast diversity by embracing the many different cultural heritages of Surrey.

Having interviewed Mr. Dhaliwal, I have come to learn more about the importance of not only Canadian-United States relations but also the future of Canada as a country. I have garnered a deep respect for his position and his party’s goals for Canada.

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  • June 12, 2017 at 3:58 pm

    It’s really great to hear that you built such a connection with MP Sukh Dhaliwal. Having a mentor like that can be really useful for networking or general advice, and it sounds like you gained some really valuable insight and experiences by watching him. Did you learn anything surprising about Canada while abroad? I’m glad you enjoyed your time there!


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