Females in the Workplace l #3

My internship takes place in an open-air style office space. There are no walls separating departments, no corner offices for those who receive the highest salaries. If I strain my neck, I can see almost all of my 40+ colleagues from my desk. From the second I stepped into this office, I was comforted by how many women work here. Yet, immersing myself in this environment has made me aware of something I had never deeply thought about before: gender representation in not just the entertainment business, but also the professional world in general. One of the first tasks I was asked to do was make a PowerPoint slide that listed all the employees in the Scripted Development department along with their titles and pictures. Though the gender representation at the LA branch likely skews more male than female if you crunch the numbers, it feels relatively balanced. However, I’ve spoken to my home friends about their experiences at their internships so far and I’ve come to realize that not every industry is as progressive as the entertainment business, and even within this industry there is a lot of variation between sectors. For example, my best friend interns at an investment bank where is one of two women out of 150 employees. My sister interns at a sports management company where the gender representation is just as skewed. I have always paid attention to articles in the news about pressing issues like the wage gap in this country but now I’ve been made even more aware. Even though my experience thus far has been an incredible one, I’ve gained a better understanding of how unsettling it would feel to walk into a company office space where you felt isolated because of your gender.

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  • July 14, 2017 at 7:37 pm

    Great reflection!


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