First Day On The Job | #1

Well, what can I say? School is out and what better way to spend my summer than to be back on campus? I guess the saying “Forever Go Blue” is actually very accurate. This summer, I am lucky enough to find myself working on the medical campus here at Michigan. More importantly, I am interning at the Michigan Cancer Center. I wouldn’t really consider myself your “typical” intern. But what internship actually falls into this category? My summer job will consist of working alongside Michigan’s grandest doctors here while they conduct and execute their groundbreaking oncology research. As I walked into the university hospital the first day, I could already tell I was in for an adventure. All around me I saw doctors in long coats and researchers in lab coats. This sight was all scary, intimidating and it left me in awe all at once. I felt so honored to be working alongside these individuals if only for the summer. As I made my way up to the top floor, I was anxious and excited. I met my Primary Investigator (PI) at his office space and got started on my orientation. He walked me through the lab and introduced me to the majority of the equipment and the faculty and staff. I will be honest, I felt completely intimidated by everyone around me. Even the graduate students seemed so professional and well put together, and here I was and eager little undergrad ready to get to work. When the tour was over, my PI Alex informed me that I had some studying to do and boy was he right about that. While I have taken several chemistry,biology and lab courses here at Michigan, nothing could prepare me for all of this hands on work I was to begin. He handed me a stack of medical journals to read almost a foot high (note: not actually that high but it seemed so to me at the moment). I sat down and started refreshing and taking notes on everything I could think of. I was feeling overwhelmed and like I needed to catch up. I knew however, that everyone had to pay their dues at some point, and this was me paying mine. Is it really a hassle though if you enjoy doing it?

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