First Week on the Job | #1

Now entering week 2 of my internship and finally stopped getting lost in the hallway. It’s a long, windy hallway lined with beautiful paintings – which for some reason, I cannot tell apart from one another.

I like this office a lot, it’s filled with artwork and there’s a Matryoshka of the ruling Russian government (I’m planning on minoring in East European studies, so that just makes me smile.) The walls are all made of glass, and we are 19 floors up in the financial center of Hong Kong. It’s a really great view to get to work in front of! My co-workers are also very friendly and welcoming. We had dimsum for lunch together on my first day, which made me really happy, mostly because I really like dimsum, and it makes for a great conversation starter.

Now for the job – I’m working as an Analyst at a private investment firm, and I’m quickly finding that there is a lot that I have yet to learn and figure out. From stock notes, to P/B ratios and navigating the Bloomberg Terminal, there is a lot that I’ve only now worked with. Though it was all a bit intimidating at first, I’ve already learned many new things and I think it is all great preparation for future work.

At first, I was rather excited to experience the corporate financial world. Then I was just really nervous, knowing that there’s many things I probably don’t know yet. So far, it has all been working out fine, and I’ve settled into the office and at my desk comfortably enough. The office is quite diverse, some Hong Kong locals but also some people from the UK, Russia, and Australia.

But it’s only been a week. Still excited to see what’s next and learn more about the industry!

One thought on “First Week on the Job | #1

  • June 9, 2017 at 5:59 pm

    So glad to hear that your first week went. Thank you for your honesty about discovering how much there still is to learn! I look forward to reading about the next set of lessons learned and challenges!


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