Looking Back on Week 1

Here I am sitting at my desk again, reaching the end of what’s been a pretty slow day that arrived in the wake of a tidal wave of productivity. This however has given me a little time to look back and reflect on the week that has just passed, my first week of officially being an intern.

Our job thus far has been mostly design work, working on the User Interface for a widget that the company actually intends to make live. As I mentioned in a previous post this is both daunting and exciting to me, knowing that I will leave here having actually made a difference, minimal as it may be.

I find myself especially glad that this is the job we were given because User Experience and Human Computer Interaction is the field that I want to pursue, and I am getting direct experience in that field. I find the independence and creativity of both the specific job and the internship in general to be what surprised me the most. When we ran our first design by the project manager, I strangely felt surprised that they approved it. They genuinely liked it. I think until that point I had still been feeling what we were doing wasn’t actually serious, but seeing them take the next steps to move forward with our design was hugely validating. It also contrasted hugely from my expectations for our internship, as I mistakenly thought as interns, and freshmen at that, we wouldn’t be given much leash to be creative or independent, but that was entirely wrong, for which I am very glad.

Apart from the purely professional insight I am undoubtedly gaining through this experience, I see that I am growing more confident and comfortable navigating Bangalore as a city. From trying to scrape together my rudimentary Kannada skills for a lost Uber driver, to even crossing the road, I feel that I am seeing a new side of Bangalore that the multitude of family visits I have taken never would have given me

I look forward to seeing where this goes, and the experience that I will continue to gain.

Rhea K

Interning in the summer of 2017 with Mahindra First Choice in Bangalore, India.

2 thoughts on “Looking Back on Week 1

  • June 12, 2017 at 3:46 pm

    Congratulations on the first design! It’s really great to hear that you’re taking advantage of all of the opportunities at your internship, and it sounds like you’re really successful as well. Did any of your work surprise you about this field?

    • June 23, 2017 at 10:54 am

      Sorry for the late response, Angela! It has been a pleasant surprise to know how much the back end and front end development teams really have to be in sync. For this project myself and Rodney (the other intern with me) are sort of like the front/back end teams respectively, and we definitely don’t operate separately. The designers have to know the tech that they’re designing for, and the engineers have to understand how their tech is going to fit into the design and whether what they want to do is feasible. I’m really glad to see that both jobs are viewed as equally valuable and integral.


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