Third Week with Barwis Methods: Inventory | #2

After an exciting start at Barwis Methods. We started off this week by counting our new apparel and buying from the wholesale distributor (A different Barwis company). It was an interesting task to learn how to place a new order and to enter the new apparel into our system so that others could purchase it. There are twenty companies under the umbrella of Barwis Methods, so transactions can get tough when you need to sell to a company under your own umbrella. After getting a more complex understanding of this, I feel much better about my knowledge in relation to the structure of a company.

In addition, I learned once again about the logistics of designing an athletic facility from the purchasing of the equipment to the installation at the professional athletes home. In any business, the e-commerce supply chain is a crucial element in relation to saving money and optimizing a service. Barwis Methods is very precise and clear or what they are doing and when they are doing it, so it was nice to see how transparent their logistics were and to be a part of such a thing.

As a side project, we painted a wall in the Canton, MI, facility with the names of all of our injury recover patients. This was a fun and tedious project in which I learned how the best way to get tedious things done is to just go do them.

I really enjoy working in a business setting in which I can be around people who admire my passion (hockey) while I can also learn the specific details of running a business. I’m excited to continue into the middle of the internship.

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