Value of Diversity and How I’ve Changed Blog #3

Greetings everyone, hope you are all doing well this evening.   I would like to address diversity in the workplace I have been in, and how it has helped to shape my personal identity over these past weeks.  Whether we can admit to it or not, women are undervalued as a total in our society in the workplace.  They are seen in a different light and held to different standards than their male colleagues.  My experience at Pregenzer Baysinger Wideman & Sale P.C. has not been ordinary in this regard.  All members of the firm are female, and the office is mostly comprised of female workers, with the exception of a receptionist and an intern.  Being around the partners for such an extended amount of tie and getting to know them personally has really shed a light on diversity to me, and opened my eyes on this social issue.  Women, especially when they are lawyers, are in a profession that is dominated in majority by males, and I have witnessed some of the issues that they encounter on a frequent basis.  They do not always get the respect that they necessarily deserve, and are treated differently overall.  However, as I said, I saw the partners in different light and saw how strong and intelligent they were, as well as extremely helpful and nice, on a consistent basis.  Which was rather impressive to me because their work has been so stressful and they are always so busy.  Not to say that I undervalued women going into this internship in the first place, but it really just opened my eyes as to why this problem is relevant and further showed me how wrong these assumptions can be.

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