Week 4: Open Door Weekend

As a parliamentary intern, you are able to see behind the scenes and learn what is really going on in government. This week I was able to be part of the behind the scenes work that makes parliament run. While my member of parliament was deciding how to vote on upcoming votes, I listened to her discuss with her assistants and other party members what the best decision would be for Canada and her constituents. Members of Parliament truly care about their riding and use all the resources available to them to make the best decision possible. While watching this take place, I felt proud to work for a member of parliament that worked so hard to better their constituents everyday lives.

Outside of the everyday tasks of answering emails, researching speaking points, and tending to office tasks, I was able to experience some interesting things on the hill! I went to the Parliamentary Dining Room last week and ate where only Members of Parliaments can eat. I also watched the Prime Minister meet with the President of Chile. Taking part in everyday parliament activities truly shows how exciting government can be and reaffirms my future career goals.

Outside of parliament work, I made sure to explore Ottawa for Canada is turning 150 years old this summer! This weekend, the doors to many embassies and government buildings were open to the public. Some friends and I went to the British High Commissioner’s House and Rideau Hall. The buildings were beautiful and full of historical documents, like pictures of past leaders and maps. I was glad I was able to see more of Canada’s government and history outside of my daily work at Parliament.

Of course, the weekend was made complete when I met a golden retriever, putting a cherry on top to a wonderful week.


One thought on “Week 4: Open Door Weekend

  • June 12, 2017 at 3:34 pm

    Your work sounds so exciting! I’m glad you’re able to experience the intricacies of government first-hand, and under a great, experienced mentor. The pictures look so beautiful, and the puppy is SO cute!


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