Work Culture | #2

Work culture has a big hand in making your internship successful. At the company that I am working at, the work culture is unique and I feel I can easily sync with it. Every night I look forward to waking up for work and one of the main reasons behind that is the work culture and ethic that I am exposed to here. After spending two summers before this, I have finally found a liking of a professional environment and specifically this one. For me, it is not only about getting work done but rather enjoying every bit of it as well. At a firm where your efforts are valued and your will to learn and excel are respected, it is easy for one to keep going till needed. Here, I feel good about accomplishing my goals because I believe that my work here, when complete, will affect the entire firm as a whole. To have that big a part in the growth of the company just as a summer intern is amazing. Along with strong work ethic, there is also a constant effort to get to know one another on a personal level, which I feel is very important when it comes to working together with others in the work place. Overall, this is the culture that I am extremely glad to be a part of.

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