Young. Professional. Female. Lawyer.

Today I had my first informational interview with a young female probate attorney. Over salads and cool glasses of water, I learned about a woman who went from knowing nothing about the law to becoming a contracted attorney for the state, starting her own practice, and forging a name for herself as a lawyer in Washtenaw county. I admired her quiet confidence which commanded respect, and found myself dreaming about the day when I could be on the other side of the interview. I connected with this lawyer through my supervisor, who set up the meeting because she wanted to introduce me to a successful female lawyer. Some of the things I learned were that it is okay to not know exactly what kind of law you want to practice or even be inexperienced with the law while still wanting to be a lawyer, to treat finding a job as a job and accept any positions offered to you in order to get experience, and to accept different sources of work so that you can maintain a stable income while establishing yourself as a prominent lawyer with their own practice. I also learned that if you care about people, working in probate law is a fantastic choice because it allows you to represent people whose voices are not always heard. All of the things I learned were things that I took to heart and believe will help me in my future. For example, I can model my conduct off of hers in order to gain more respect while interning in the court house. Also, when I want to get a job, I can use this attorney’s advice to make myself visible and put myself out there to many different people so that I am more likely to get a job. Furthermore, I have seen that it is possible to be successful as a caring, intelligent, young, female lawyer. I could not have asked for a better first informational interview.

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  • July 21, 2017 at 1:58 pm

    Very cool that you were able to connect with a successful female lawyer who allows you to envision yourself in your future career.


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