An eventful first week | #2

It has been a little over a week since the start of my internship with Mahindra First Choice Wheels (MFCW) and looking back, it is great to think how much I have learnt in this short period. My past week had involved an array of tasks related to constructing a data analytics platform used by admin of Indian Blue Book, the used cars price guide developed by MFCW. Our project manager had given us different choices of projects to pursue during our internship but we had collectively decided to go forward with this one as it promised a good blend between the various fields necessary in order to make a digital product go live.

This week had mostly been focused on developing the UI and UX of the platform where we exercised our creative abilities and learned the intricacies of web design. The tasks have definitely given me a greater appreciation of the various thought processes that go into designing a digital interface as we had erected wireframes for the platform. These thought processes primarily involved thinking about where to place elements (buttons, input fields, drop down menus etc.) in order to make the interface visually appealing while also ensuring the user has no trouble navigating through it. Working with one of the company’s visual designers has also introduced me to other concepts integral to UI/UX.

Apart from the design aspect, we were also given the responsibility of developing the product itself. As a data analytics platform, the product serves to provide users with valuable statistics regarding the usage of the Indian Blue Book interface. We were in charge of deciding what data will be displayed and in what manner they will be shown to the user. Product development is a great interest of mine and working on the various aspects of this particular product gave me a glimpse as to what the career of a project manager entails. The staff here have also been extremely helpful when we had any doubts and worked with us in developing the product. As mentioned before, we worked with a full-time visual designer but in addition to that we met with software engineers in charge of developing the back-end of the system that provides the data that we would eventually use for the data analytics. Since software development is also a field I am passionate in, it was great sitting in the technical meetings with the Head of Engineering regarding the technical components of the product.

In the coming weeks, I am expecting the internship to take a turn towards programming the front-end of the product we are developing while referring to our wireframes and the visual designer’s drafts of the platform interface.

Rodney S

I am a computer engineering major at the University of Michigan passionate about software development, project management and consulting.

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  • June 12, 2017 at 4:09 pm

    I’m glad you’re learning and experiencing so much in your internship! It’s also really great to hear that you’re working so closely with those in more senior positions, and that you’re gaining some valuable insight and connections. Have you had any chances to explore the city?


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