Informational Interview

For my first informational interview, I chose to interview someone that is very successful and someone I’ve known for a long time. She is in charge of the investments for her clients in determining where they should out source their money for advertisements. Her career has always fascinated me. After this past school year, I enrolled in a communications class that focused on the production of TV along with the networks. I loved the class and learned a ton which became very valuable in this interview because I was able to talk the lingo along with understand what she was saying. I chose to connect with her for this interview because I wanted to gain more understanding of what exactly she does and how she got there. The beginning of the interview was catching up and explaining to her how my internship is. I started the interview by asking what her path was that got her to this point in her life. One of the things I learned that we had in common was she was a Psychology major in college. She explained to me that even though her major may have nothing to do with her career, it has always been a tool she has used to her advantage by understanding more about people and groups. Something she taught me to use to my advantage when going through interviews and I’m asked why I chose psychology. As the conversation flowed we started talking about what a regular day at her career consists of and then what some of her favorite things are about her work. The entire time she was very detailed and really explained everything she mentioned about her career which helped me really understand everything. By the end of the interview, I asked what are some things her team looks for in new hirees but also if she just had any advice for someone joining the work world soon. One of the things that she mentioned that stuck out to me was when she said never turn any opportunities down, while it may not be something you were interested in, after the experience you will gain knowledge on whether or not you like that field, new contacts, and more experience. Some of the take aways from this interview that I will apply to my current internship is, be willing to do anything, be friendly and make relationships, observe everything so you can learn, and also enjoy what I’m doing. The interview ended up being a lot of fun but also very helpful which I was very happy about.

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