Open Concept | #2

Open concept: the design of choice of every house hunter on HGTV and every advertising agency I’ve ever seen.

Advertising is a particularly collaborative field.  Within an agency, there are numerous departments, all of whom must work together to keep the client happy.  Account management, media buying, creative, social media, public relations, etc all join forces.  A workspace that involves lots of walls, offices, and dividers is not conducive to this kind of work.

Dalton is no exception.  Most of the company works in cubicles with low dividers that allow for conversation. The office forms a semi-circle on the 7th floor of our building in the heart of Midtown Atlanta, with each department in their own area, but with little actual separation.  It takes roughly 10 seconds for me to walk to the creative department to discuss a production issue.  Yes, there are a few offices for the higher ups, but, unless they are in a meeting, their doors are open.  We have a couple conference rooms so all sides of the agency can come together to talk about or with a client.

I’m a big  fan of this kind of workspace.  I like that it’s easy for me to get to anyone else in the agency.  In this industry, you can’t be successful if your work and employees are segmented.  The team must be able to work together, and this layout results in a warm, friendly environment where everybody knows everybody, regardless of department.

A brief tour:

Our kitchen, which is constantly stocked with soda, water, and candy, ft. my lovely fellow interns 

The main area of our office

The views out of our office of the rest of midtown and the Buckhead skyline

A foosball table, because what is an ad agency without a little fun

And finally, my little corner of the world: the account management department.  That’s my desk right there, next to Don Draper.  I consult him when I need help coming up with ideas.  There’s a Joan Holloway cutout by the copier, too.


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