A Day in Berlin

Most days I start off my morning with an item from Le Crobag, a chain bakery stand located in many train stations. Usually, I will pick up a pretzel or my favorite, a chocolate croissant. While waiting for my train, I eat my breakfast while feeding the crumbs to the pigeons around the station.
After my 7 minute train ride and 10 minute walk to work following it, I set up my computer to do research for the day. As you can see, I have my chocolate croissant readily accessible. Along with it, I have my water and my phone pulled up to Netflix, where I watch Friends for a majority of the day while working. Lastly, you may notice that my background is a sloth. It’s a nice pick me up throughout the day when I start to get bored of literature searches.
At around 2pm, four hours into work, I will go and get food from a restaurant around my work. Usually, it is either Korean, a bagel sandwich, sushi, or my current obsession, a potato wrap. Along with it, I get a Beeren-Zimt smoothie, which has mixed berries, apple, banana, lime, and cinnamon. It somehow tastes exactly like an apple pie.
After work I will do something a little bit more exciting than sit at a computer. On this day, I had an alumni event on a hotel’s rooftop where the all of us interns in Berlin had the opportunity to speak to retired alumni of the university. Although there were not heavy appetizers as it was advertised, there was unlimited champagne and beer. Too bad I’m allergic to alcohol. (pictured with me are the fab Michelle and Hope)
To finish off the day, I normally chill out at home in my room, and maybe take a nap if my day was extra tiring. I live on the Spree, but when I got home it was quite dark, so here is a picture of the sun setting behind the trees outside my kitchen window.



My days here in Berlin are pretty average. The only crazy difference between a normal day here and a normal day in the states is that here I get to have very good chocolate croissants. Oh, and that in the states I don’t get embarrassed every day by my lack of German skills. But whether I am having an interesting day full of fun events or I am staying in my apartment all day refusing to leave my bed, it is a great feeling knowing that right in front of me I have one of the most beautiful cities in the world waiting to be explored.


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  • June 12, 2017 at 6:34 pm

    It doesn’t seem all that different, but I agree that you’re so fortunate to be in such an amazing city, and that itself is really cool. Looking forward to reading more about your time in Berlin!


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