First Real Week

Yesterday TR trusted me to start helping support customers by phone with some assistance. Today I was all on my own and I think I only helped 4 clients due to the length and complexity of their problems. This relates to the challenges I mentioned in my first post. The software I troubleshoot is very advanced and expansive (and therefore also quite expensive to buy) so it is not possible to be trained on the whole program in 3 weeks. This means on any particular day for the rest of the summer I could be faced with a problem I know nothing about. Today I had 2 such problems but I also have a bunch of resources I can use to solve them. I solved one of them and had to leave the other for tomorrow. These challenges that come up at random intervals keep this job interesting but also make for quite a little high at work here and there when I’m able to solve them. We’ll see how I do from here I guess.

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