Here to Conquer! #1

I moved to New York because I am interested in working in the fashion industry, and I had decided a while back that I was definitely going to spend my summer at the Big Apple. Being in the fashion industry where there are a 100 different things happening each moment, my number 1 goal to becomes to be well connected in the industry. Since this is an industry based on “who knows who,” I’m interested in knowing different people and being resourceful in my own way if I was ever to get a job done. Most importantly, I’m interested in connecting with interesting people that add to my knowledge, and who I can have conversations with about my passion for art, music and fashion.


The one thing I hope to gain from my time here in New York is professionalism. I want to be able to learn to deal with work in a fast paced industry. Being a peer mentor at University of Michigan has built a lot of confidence in me in terms of meeting and understanding different kinds of people, but I want to take this to the next level and learn how to negotiate with them too in a professional and persuasive manner. I am excited about my tenure in New York!

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