Stockholm | Week 1

I arrived in Stockholm on Sunday morning. The Uber ride to my apartment in Årsta was scenic and peaceful. My Uber driver was also super friendly, considering that it was 7am in the morning. He taught me how to say simple phrases like “Hej” and “Jag heter Aerielle”.  I spent that Sunday completing my orientation with GE and exploring Stockholm. The buildings were notably more colorful than the more industrial skycrapers I’m used to seeing back home in New York. Skyscrapers are somewhat of a less common sighting in Sweden. We also learned how to work the public transportation system — comparatively spotless to that of New York.

I then mapped out my work route and ventured into the city to find where my office was located. Got lost a few times, but found it fairly easily. The transportation system in Stockholm is extremely simple and since the train comes every minute and the buses every five minutes, switching routes to accommodate for mistakes is easy. The walking route to my office passes through the beautiful shopping district of Östermalmstorg and along the water, boats, and docks of Skeppsholmen. The view to my way to work is beautifully serene and an excellent way to start the day.

One thought on “Stockholm | Week 1

  • June 9, 2017 at 8:28 pm

    Wow, Stockholm looks so beautiful! Can’t wait to hear more next week. 🙂


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