The Goals | Blog #1

During my internship this summer I will be working with a social impact consulting firm called Mission Measurement. Mission Measurement is the leader in social sector data and insights by connecting influential decision makers to a new generation of research pertaining to social outcomes. Throughout this summer I hope to learn how to present social impact analytics in an orderly and timely fashion. At the beginning of this internship I truthfully do not know much about this sector of business or the specifics of how Mission Measurement operates, but I aim to master both of these by the end. Through the different projects I will be doing, I will be practicing the art of story telling. This is because I will be presenting to many people inside and outside the company. Story telling and being able to do so concisely is something that can not only help me professionally but also personally. I strive to take on any project and do so with positivity.

Another bonus of Mission Measurement is the small internship group. There are only a few interns so we will be able to get to know each other well. With them I hope to explore, experience and live in Chicago while creating lifelong friendships. Within this group I plan to have fluid communication allowing us to perform our duties more easily.


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