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During my internship on the merchandising team at Alice + Olivia, I hope to gain many valuable skills and reach various personal goals. In terms of a tangible accomplishment, I hope to complete the intern project given to me with flying colors. The internship program I am a part of gives the intern(s) (if a multiple, in related departments) an intern only project that is spearheaded and completed by only the intern(s). It is a research project that takes an area of weakness in the company’s sales and evaluates the issues and develops solutions. My goal with my project is to work hard and put in the extra effort to widen my chances at an impressive outcome. I hope that going the extra mile with my efforts will make my presence stand out, and hopefully encourage my superiors to hire me in the future.

In addition, from the experience as a whole, I hope to build my professional network. The fashion industry is the industry I desire to be a part of after graduation and I hope to gain many contacts and possible colleagues for my professional future. I plan to meet and get to know as many people I can throughout the company, in various departments, and develop professional and even personal relationships with each.

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  • June 15, 2017 at 4:49 pm

    That intern only project sounds interesting, Constance! Do you know if/when you will have the opportunity to present your project results to company leadership?


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