Post #3

I definitely notice my gender while navigating through my internship in a small company with only one female employee. The company has four paid employees and three unpaid interns for the summer, and I’m really happy that there’s another female otherwise I’d probably feel out of place. It’s just a feeling of comfort to have another female here in an office of all males, although nobody’s sexist or anything like that. My gender doesn’t impact how I perform or the type of work I’m given, and I’m happy about that.

Another thing I notice is my age. A large part of my internship has revolved around creating media lists and distributing press releases for a vodka company, and it’s funny because I’m not even legally able to drink alcohol yet I’m responsible for growing their brand. I think the other interns are at least 21 and of course the employees are all over 21, so I feel significantly younger when we have meetings about the vodka project. I’m not bothered by it or anything, it just reminds me that I’m the youngest intern here. I’m actually proud to be the youngest intern this summer!

Lastly, my status as a University of Michigan student stands out to me because I’m working in New Jersey where the majority of interns and employees attend(ed) New Jersey schools. I love Michigan, but I am jealous of people who go to school somewhat close to home, including my friends from the West Bloomfield area. They can see their families pretty much whenever they want, and one of my friends never even does her own laundry because she just brings it home to Birmingham for her mom!

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