Post First Week on the Job | #1

During my internship I hope to accomplish the goal of taking initiative:


Having completed my first week of work in my first office job, I have come to realize that my intern experience will only be what I choose to make of it.  While I am lucky enough to be involved in a real internship program, I noticed myself finishing tasks quite quicker than I was being assigned new ones.  Therefore, it is important to identify “taking initiative” as a goal of mine over the course of this eight-week program.  For example, although I have been placed on a specific team within my internship program, if I finish all of the tasks assigned by my account executive, I should take it upon myself to offer assistance to the other teams.  Not only will this keep me busy and allow me to gain knowledge in all aspects of the company, but it also leads to identifying my next goal!


As for my goal on how to gain experience, I hope to get as much exposure as possible:


This week many of my tasks involved excel spread sheets, Internet and newspaper monitoring for clients, and media engagement on social platforms.  While many of these tasks seemed tedious, they are ways of introducing me to the basic responsibilities of Public Relations’ companies.  Therefore, I am setting myself a goal to go as in-depth as possible when completing a simple task such as servicing a newspaper.  In addition, it is important for me to master the small tasks before being introduced to more complicated assignments.  Within the next few weeks I hope to be exposed to completing press alerts and attending client meetings! Stay tuned…

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