Something new every day | #4

I’ve been able to try something new at Channel 4 each day – that’s part of why I love this internship and the Channel 4 environment, as I never know what I’m going to do each time I walk in. I’ve been able to go to court arraignments and sentencings, followed along with a reporter for a local feel-good event, attended a press conference with Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, attended a charity event at the Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak with popular basketball coaches such as Tom Izzo from MSU, went to a presser with Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette and more. Attached are some photos from my experiences.

I am also working more toward my goal of getting briefs published online. I wrote a short brief about a Red Wings player in recovery from a surgery, a topic I can say with certainty I’ve never written about. I also took a photo for the website at the scene of a car crash. At Channel 4, I really have the opportunity to try whatever I want – as long as I initiate. Though my official spot is at the assignment desk, I have been able to branch out to work with the web team and talk to different producers because I try to show initiative in getting the most out of this experience. I am hoping to talk with the health staff, who produce news related to health and new research. This is something I have a lot of experience with at the Michigan Daily and hope to continue throughout my career, as health news and research are things I believe will have a strong place in the news – both print and broadcast – for a long time. Next week, I am looking forward to going to a new assignment with a photographer or reporter and trying more for the website.

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