Work culture #2

Today is Friday! Not only is it a normal Friday morning, today marks the end of my first week at my summer 2017 internship. This week flew by before my eyes and being that I only have 8 weeks of this internship program, every week is very important. So far, I am loving my summer internship. I work at InStyle magazine under Time Inc and the work environment is one of the top reasons why I am enjoying it so much. Everyone on the team that I work for are friendly, happy, trendy and always in a great mood. They make everyone who is working around them enjoy what they are doing as well.  One thing that I noticed is how inclusive they all are. Being the only intern on my team, they make my experience the best it could possibly be. They bring me to every meeting, give me real projects that they are working on and most importantly, they teach me! I always feel comfortable asking questions and all of the people on my team are more than happy to answer all of them and help me learn as much as possible. I sit in an area surrounded by important people and it makes me feel important as well. This work environment really makes me want to always do my work and get the job done to impress all of the amazing, creative people on the InStyle marketing team. I am so excited to see what else these next 7 weeks have to offer!

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