Work Environment | #2

The physical work space at PR Consulting is a unique one. The main room, where the majority of the employees work is a big open space with rows of desks. Everything is very open and you are always surrounded by people, but in the main room it never feels cramped. This promotes the collaboration that is always happening between all people in the office. Every job is a team effort as well as an individual effort. My favorite aspect of the office are the clothes display racks that surround the main room on three sides as well as the main hallway through the middle of the office. Each rack has a different brand and all the racks together give the office a trendy, stylish feel and look. The interns work all together in a room in the main hall of the office near the door and the brands that my supervisor manages are on a rack right outside the intern room. Working in such a collaborative environment has taught me a lot about working with different personalities as well as paying attention to what your doing so that you can follow-up with people and make sure everything is going where it should. For everyone at the office the environment is very fast paced, and because of that I’ve been learning how to pay attention to detail and be accurate but in a timely fashion. For the interns a lot of the work is on our feet, working with the physical sending of garments, but for most of the office their work is done mainly on their computer during the day. I’m not sure if I want to work mainly at a desk focused job for the rest of my career, but I definitely want to work somewhere as trendy and fast-paced as PR Consulting.

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