Hollywood Excursions and Adventures [#2]

1st venue for the SAC Speaker Series!

This week has taken me on many new adventures! Being a part of the Screen Arts & Cultures major has provided me with the opportunity to attend a speaker series with SAC alumni and other students from my program that are interning in LA this summer. Not only do I get to better immerse myself in the film and television industries by getting to attend this speaker series, but I also get to connect with fellow Wolverines! Thanks to the close ties among SAC and U of M alumni, this huge city can be made just a little bit smaller.

I’m greatly looking forward to the speaker series events each week, and I know that they’re going to tie in well with what I’m the skills I’m picking up at my internship. At work, I get to learn what makes a good story, and then I get to go out and meet people in the industry who have made these stories come to life onscreen. I’m truly surprised by how much I’ve learned already, and it’s only the end of Week 3!

Madison F

Madison (Maddie) Fyke is a rising senior in LSA, pursuing a double major in Screen Arts & Cultures and Communication Studies. This summer she is interning at Red Wagon Entertainment in Los Angeles.

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