Blog Post 2

I believe work culture is one of the most important aspects of employment, as it defines what kind of work is produced and how people interact on a daily basis. I think work culture should be respectable and honest within the work place. I also believe cooperation trumps competition in most cases of work culture. In most cases, being able to rely on your fellow employees and work with your employees defines a productive and effective work culture rather than competition.


I think to my employer, work culture is also defined as a culture of cooperation and communication. Without departments and individuals working together, it is impossible to achieve the intended goal. I also think my employer does not see work culture as competitive, as everyone is attempting to achieve the same goal and competition between departments does create a more effective work environment.



As a professional, I think elements to an ideal work culture that are important to my growth as a professional include a collaborative and supportive environment. If a work culture is collaborative and supportive, I will be able to learn as a professional and apply skills learned to different areas of employment or to new opportunities.

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