Journal #1 – Elimination Game

This past week, the project interns and I held phone interviews with over 70 potential rising high school seniors from across the midwest for the 35 individual spots that we have for the Big House Program. After receiving all of the applications, we went through and highlighted any potential “red flags” that we should make sure to bring up when conducting the phone interview. Before starting off with the phone interviews, we collaborated to make an interview from for us to fill out during each interview so that whoever  was conducting the interview could ask questions pertaining to each major category on the application like GPA, SAT/ACT scores, their interest in the program, their top college choices, and any additional information that could speak to their character.

Once the interviews were over and everyone was back in the conference room, it wasn’t the feeling of relief that submerged itself onto everyone’s mind, but instead it was stress. Phone interviews with students turned into conversations as they talked about individual issues that they were dealing with or issues dealing with their family. Each student expressed how the program could positively impact them and no one seemed to want to get started with the elimination process. In order to start making decisions, project interns have selected a limited few from all the students that they interviewed so that we can at least start to fill out the available spots.

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