Those Day-to-Day Accomplishments | #1

I never thought I would land an internship with minimal job experience. Let alone obtain a work experience half way across the world with a start-up business in SWEDEN. Talk about exciting. I’ll be working for six weeks this summer in the suburbs of Stockholm at MidSummer Tea HB. I’m one of two marketing and advertising interns for this start-up business.

This is my very first internship. I’m currently trying my best to pretend like I’m not totally scared. I have absolutely no clue what to expect. But, as every other intern starting their internship, there are first-time nerves to address. First, I hope to accomplish an experience that brings me growth in all aspects of my life. I want to gain a new perspective on not just my work career, but on life as a whole. I was drawn to this internship in the first place because it was about promoting the important health benefits of tea.  Naturally as a nutrition geek, I couldn’t wait to market a product that improved peoples every day quality of life.

This summer I will gain a new experience. It will allow me to appreciate the importance of developing new skills. In just six short weeks, I hope to work close with the digital media team to create social media projects in order to boost Facebook and Instagram followings. I want to learn how to run Facebook ads to targeted demographics in Sweden and be able to measure their impact. Depending on how much agency I am granted, it would be awesome to be a part of a promotional video for their new line MidSummer Ice Tea. Working as part of their street team at events is another thing I hope to accomplish.

Most of all, I want to make this internship about acknowledging the day-to-day work that brings me outside of my comfort zone. I plan to approach my nerves by taking baby steps. I want to leave a lasting impact for the small tea business. An impact that is measurable, unique, and innovative. An improvement that my employer will thoroughly appreciate as I am equally appreciative of this marvelous opportunity in Sweden.

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