Advice from a Michigan Alum/ Informational Interview #2

I obtained my internship through the Cleveland Hillel Summer Internship Program. This program sets aside a few days throughout the summer for immersion days that entail learning more about Cleveland and the career opportunities offered here. We just recently had a networking event where five Cleveland professionals came to speak to us about their jobs and why they chose to work in Cleveland.

It was a great event but there was not much one-on-one time with the speakers. However, after the event finished, I was able to speak with one of the panelists, a Michigan alum who now works as the Manager of Marketing for Buitoni® USA; Part of the Nestlé Foods Division based in the Cleveland Suburb of Solon, Ohio.

She told me about her responsibilities in this position which involve leading the brand strategy, innovation & renovation pipeline development, consumer marketing efforts, and the business P&L.

It was very interesting to learn about her experiences and how she used her degree in Organizational Studies to specifically work in Marketing. After graduating, I want to work as an event planner for a luxury retail company, but I know how specific of a job this is and thus, how difficult it can be to obtain it. The Marketing Manager of Buitoni® USA was extremely helpful in giving me advice on how to get this job position. She encouraged me to look at both the event planning and retail industries and figure out what precisely interests me from each of these career fields. She also told me to consider starting more broadly, looking for work at an experiential marketing or a PR firm and make connections in the retail industry so I can eventually shift over to my dream position.

I really enjoyed this event being put on by the Hillel Summer Internship Program because it gave me a chance to connect with the alumni network that Michigan is so known for. I plan to continue to keep in touch with this alum and I really appreciated her helpful advice.



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  • July 31, 2017 at 1:27 pm

    I love that you used two of your networks to establish this connection: U-M and Hillel. She really provided you with great advice as your career is a collection of experiences that you select. With careful planning and exploration, your dream position as a luxury retail event planner may become a reality.


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