Blog 3 & 4: An Eventful Two Weeks

The past two weeks in Rijeka have been particularly busy- and I realized that I had forgotten to blog! To make up for my mistake, I will tell you all about what I have been doing the past two weeks.

I am definitely beginning to establish more of a routine over the past few weeks: go to work from 9-4, go to the beach, cook myself dinner, and read a book or watch some TV to end my day. Monday-Thursday has been spent mostly in the office over the past two weeks, while the first two weeks had been traveling to golf courses and different destinations. The work done in the office has been focused around creating a Golf & Wine Tour that will hopefully be published by the time I leave Croatia. We have been working on pricing, which hotels to use, excursions, and many other aspects that are required for a travel agency to formulate a final product. As a communications major, this project has been useful for me because I have been able to work on my writing skills. It is important that we acknowledge the audience that we are addressing, and change the tone when we focus on a different market. While at times this work can get a little tedious, I am excited to have a final product published with my organization. It feels as though my work here will have an impact on the company.

My daily life has become standard, but weekends are a whole different story. Two weekends ago the intern that I am staying with and myself went to Zagreb to visit three other Michigan interns that are living there. We had a weekend full of making new friends, touring the capital, and good food. I feel like this weekend trip was particularly rewarding because it gave me a chance to see the capital and the historical buildings of Zagreb. This past weekend we took a trip to Ljubljana in Slovenia where we toured a beautiful golf course at the foot of the Slovenian Alps. As one of the more luxurious golf courses we have visited, the manager fed us a three course meal and allowed us to experience what it would be like to be a potential customer. After we completed our work with the golf course, we were able to meet with two Michigan interns and go to Lake Bled which was amazing. I am glad that my location has given me the opportunity to travel to different countries and that my internship has allowed me to experience the culture of the area.


I can’t wait to see what is going to come from the next seven weeks that I will be here!

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  • June 12, 2017 at 7:12 pm

    Wow Emily, it seems like you have done so much in the short time you are there! It’s so wonderful to have the opportunity to travel to amazing places on the weekend. I’d love to see your Golf & Wine Tour project once it’s published – seems like really valuable experience that is a tangible application of your communication skills.


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